May 21, 2012

Develop an Efficient Powerpoint Slide and make it impressive

When we're putting together a ppt presentation, our first priority should obviously be the message we want to convey to the audience. The key points will be in our script and the PowerPoint slides should just be used as an addition to illustrate these points. However, ou want to grab your audience's attention so rather than just have reams of text on a slide, it's a good idea to think of different ways of displaying your information. One way of making your slides look more dynamic is to add animations to them and here's how you can do it.

First of all, select the object or text and click on the Animations tab in the main menu bar. Click on the Custom Animations link which opens up the Custom Animation dialog box on the right where you can now format how the text or object appears on the slide. There are 3 types of animation that you can select here: how the object enters on to the slide, how it animates on the slide itself, and then how it exits if appropriate.time management ppt also go for a crucial role to perform all these.

Do you want to present better with PowerPoint? Here are 10 areas that are worth your consideration.

1. Preparation mindset. If you are using your slides to prompt you as to what you should say next, then your slides are probably prepared with your own interest in mind. Are your slides prepared for you or your audience?

2. Slide purpose. Is every one of your slides purposeful? Consider including only slides that complement the presentation and leave what can be left out, out! For example, do you really need a slide that prompts you to say "the end" or "any questions"?

3. Visual aids. Do you want to prepare slides that enhance your verbal message? You can do so by complementing your verbal with visuals, like charts, pictures, or diagrams.

4. Limit text. Although you may want to place visually stimulating objects on your slides, you will occasionally need text slides. However, instead of placing paragraphs of text on your slides, you can consider placing a limited number  of short sentence bullet points. After all, you don't want to overwhelm your audience with too much information.

5. Animation scheme. Do you want the focus of your presentation to be on your message or the medium .The more animation schemes you use, the more you are putting the focus on the medium as opposed to the message. Consider choosing and sticking to one animation scheme.

6. Refocusing attention. Are you expecting your audience to listen and read your slides at the same time? When you do, one of them will generally be a distraction to your audience because doing both at the same time is difficult! When in slide show mode, consider utilising the 'B' or 'W' button to refocus the attention of your audience from the slides back onto you.

7. Prepare handouts.soft skills ppt add beauty in these all things. Avoid making your PowerPoint slides a reading labour for your audience with slides and slides of information dump. On your slides, include what they must know, then you can expand further in your handouts by including more on what they could know.

8. Eye contact. In parliament, the "ayes" have it; in speaking, the "eyes" have it. So never read your slides and turn your back to your audience because you will lose eye contact.

9. Plan B. In most cases, the show must go on, whether your slides are ready or not! This means that you should never rule out equipment failure and should always 'rule in' a plan B.

10. It's a presentation! Remember that you are giving a presentation with PowerPoint and not just presenting a PowerPoint. This means that the fundamentals of presentation skills still apply (e.g., body language, vocal variety). Technology is not there to drive the presentation; you are the driver of every presentation!


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  2. What a great presentation! I agree with you that each could be its own lesson for students and they would be engaging and fun! Actually, I start my next semester of courses in April and this would be a great introduction lesson to get my adult students speaking!
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